Zymosis is one of the most promising Ukranian psy-trance projects which has brought a bright light to the psy-culture over the past 10 years. They successfully combine in their music elements of deep chill, ambient and downtempo sounds with the bright melodious harmonies. The musicians don’t use the stereotyped approaches while creating the music. That’s why their sound is original and complete.

Dimitro are keen on composing psychedelic music, and he try to do it only on the high quality level. He constantly produce fresh ideas and gather new experience. A lot of their tracks has already been released by Ukranian and foreign music labels. It’s hard to count how many live shows has been performed by them! He has played on the one stage with such amazing projects as Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor, Cosmosis, Solar Fields, Shpongle, Hallucinogen, KoxBox, Talamasca

After the first promo-album «Fragments», Zymosis create «Elements into Data» which was released at Sunline rec. (part of Kagdila rec.) in December 2008. At once many psy-chill amators considered it to be worthy to take a remarkable place in their collections. «Elements into Data» has become one of the most popular Ukranian psy-chill albums by the quantity of links and notes in the open Internet music resourses.

You can find the tracks of Zymosis on the following compilations: Element One:»Air» (Altar Rec.), Element Two:»Water» (Altar Rec.), Peace Therapy 3 (Kagdila rec.), Shamanisma (Space Baby Rec.), Manifestation (Up Rec.), True Story (Sentimony Rec.), Bizarroworld (AVP Rec.), Emptinesses (Sentimony Rec.), Fantazma (Sentimony Rec.), Solar System 1-2 (Skygravity Rec).

Nowadays Dimitro is also working on goa-trance project Alienapia, which has already been released on popular compilations and it becomes famous with every new day.